Reduce size of video clips

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Twirly00 | 20:06 Wed 03rd May 2006 | Technology
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I want to reduce the size of some video clips I took on my digital camera so I can send them by email... how do I do this? Thanks :)


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You need to re-encode them with a different codec that hopefully compresses the files more.

You've not said what size the clips are or what format they are in, but typically camera's dont record in the best quality in the begining so adding more compression may not be to good an idea.

If you still want to try, then download virtualdub which should do the trick.
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The clips are between 40mb and 120mb. No idea what format they are, properties just says video clip!

The quality of the clips are actually pretty good. I really want to send them by email or else post them on a site where people can view them.

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Reduce size of video clips

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