Virgin mobile picture message scam?

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Hermia | 22:13 Tue 02nd May 2006 | Technology
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My mum just got a text message from a friend saying she had been sent a picture message and needed to go to an internet page to view it (the URL was something like When she went to the page the virus/firewall software put up a warning message and advised her to stop. Of course, it turns out that the friend never sent the message even though it came from her number. Does anyone know what this scam is? It is just marketing junk or more serious? My mum is worried it could have damaged her PC.


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Do you mean she received a text message (SMS) or that she received an e-mail with this link in it?

I don't really believe it is a scam. I have received texts and pics from friends through their virgin network.

They have all gone to that website. It would be very odd indeed to come from a known phone number if it were a scam.

Maybe the friend sent it to the wrong number and it wasn't intended for your mum.

To put her mind at rest - run all the spyware and antivirus programmes that you have.

I am sure there is nothing to worry about though.

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Thanks everyone, but the friend definitely didn't send it as she doesn't have a computer and only has a basic mobile phone so couldn't have done any of this. She has never sent a text message like this to anybody.

The warning message my mum got on her PC was something like, "this page is masquerading as a legitimate page" or something like that. When she typed the legitimate looking URL and pressed returned the page address immediately changed into a number and then the message popped up.

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Virgin mobile picture message scam?

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