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spaced | 13:51 Mon 01st May 2006 | Technology
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If it is illegal to copy DVD's, why do alot of people on ebay sell copied dvd's? I am not complaining, I know of people that have bought copied dvd's from ebay and have been perfect copies of the orignal. The seller has stated that the dvd is region 0 or is unboxed, thus meaning a copy, but if its illegal, why can a seller buy an original dvd, for example the complete set of friends, copy the lot, and then copying and keep selling the copies?? Again, im not complaining as you can make alot of money from this, but cant see why ebay would not interervene or ban the seller.


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eBay is only a venue.

If the seller is reported the listings will be pulled, eventually. The seller will be banned if he continues. Eventually.

Then he sets up under a new id and carries on. And so it starts again.

I report any seller not only to eBay and FACT.

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but surely Ebay have people vetting things being sold on their site?

No they don't - the listings have to be reported. There are hundreds of thousands of listings and it would be impossible to monitor each and every one.

This way they cannot be held liable for any listings that contravene the law.

Just as your local paper don't inspect the goods for sale in its bargain pages.

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good point.

dont get me started on ebay !

big problems recently with negative feedback comments wrongly left for me - Cheeky sod.

You can use square trade but the process is massively flawed.

I don't think eBay really care, as long as they make money from the sale. They will only remove listings if they are reported, and as Ethel says, there's nothing to stop banned sellers starting a new ID. If I come across any dodgy listings in my travels, I often report them to both eBay and FACT, as well.

Oh - I doubt that they're "perfect" copies: have they got all subtitles, features and packaging? Even if they have, the people who made the show/movie won't be getting paid for their work.

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not sure of they are perfect as I havent bought any, it was a colleague from work.

Dont shoot the messenger!

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Copy DVD's on ebay...

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