Urgent help needed with Samsung e350e!

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purple-eth | 13:02 Mon 01st May 2006 | Technology
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I just got a Samsung e350e with MP3 player. I can't find out how to download full music tracks to the player though. I'm on the Orange network, and have searched their site for help, but have found almost nothing. I did find something about a Music Player which I think I may have to download, but there was no corresponding information for my phone. I've also tried searching the Internet on my phone, but only found ringtones, games etc.

I've got no cables, and, in fact, my phone doesn't have a USB port; it has an Infrared connection instead.

Sorry for rattling on, but I'm desperate, and hopefully someone out there knows what I'm saying and can help me. Please?


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I don't have a USB port on my phone. Where would I plug the cable? I'm sorry, but I'm so confused!
USB is on the computer. Other end is same fitting as charger.
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Can I get a cable from somewhere else? I can't use 'e-bay' as I don't have a credit card. Also, which software should I download? There are six options on the Samsung download page.

Thanks for your help, by the way, jmahdavi. I really appreciate (and need) it!

carphone warehouse or an independent phone retailer or even a market stall
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I've found somewhere online where I can order a USB cable for a Samsung e350. Will this fit my Samsung e350e, or do I need to keep looking?
e350 and e350e are same phone. one is on orange only, hence the 'e'
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Thanks jmahdavi, I've been wondering what the extra 'e' was for! I'm going to order the cable, and hopefully it will be of some use.

Thanks for all your help!

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Sorry to keep pestering you jmahdavi, but I still can't download music to my player! I've got my cable and connected my phone, and I've tried to copy my CDs to it, but Windows Media (which I've been using) doesn't recognise that there's a player plugged in! I've looked at the software on the Samsung site, but don't know what to download. I got a disc with the cable, which has 'Data Suite' printed on it, but I don't know what I should be able to use it for.

I'm absolutely clueless here and I'm on the verge of giving up completely. Please can you help me?

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Urgent help needed with Samsung e350e!

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