confidentiality ? I dont think so

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don1982 | 13:16 Fri 07th Apr 2006 | Technology
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what do you think of these data sites

I think they are dangerous


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this info has always been available if you wanted it - its just the phone book and the electoral role (that you had to pay for or visit the library for i believe)... anyway the sites don't seem too good to me, one (the 192) can find me (using the electoral role) but won't give my details unless you sign up and the other can't find anyone at all (though i only tried with three people)... so no i can't see any danger to them

When you fill the form out to get your name of the electoral resgister, there is a small box which you can tick if you don't want your name to appeat on the list that is available to the public. If you are worried abut appearing on the website, tick this box when you get you next form.

As has been pointed out already though, the information is available elsewhere - if someone is determined to find it, they can.

It aint that good. According to b4usearch there are no taxi Companies in Portsmouth or on the I.O.W

As CheekyChops quite rightly said - there is a tick you can put in the box when you next fill out the electoral registration form to request that your details do not appear on the electoral roll for public display. this option only became possible in a round 2001 I believe. If you do this, however, you may still appear on these two websites as it would appear that when the electoral roll is updated if your address has no one resident then they will revert back to the old electoral rolls and take the details from there.

You can contact them and ask them to remove your details from their database - I am not aware that you have to give a reason but 'the details are no longer correct' works.

On you can e-mail them on you can down load a form that you fill out and sign and can then fax them on a premium rate number (expensive) or post to them (cheaper). Remember to include a form for everyone at the same address in the same envelope (even cheaper).

To remove yourself completely from their website you need to also be ex-directory with BT - I am not sure once you have gone ex-directory how long it takes you to drop off these two sites - that may be dependant upon how often they take an update from BT.

Hope that helps

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confidentiality ? I dont think so

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