x box 360 freezing?

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astraman | 13:20 Wed 05th Apr 2006 | Technology
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I have just bought this console and a few times while playing ghost recon the screen has froze.I s this normal and if not how do i fix it.cheers


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From what I know and have heard about the 360, it's perfectly normal.

Make sure the power block has plenty of room and lots of air to cool down.
what ever you do dont stack the 360 on top of a DVD player or video or Amplifier, or even on top of a TV, this should stop it from freezing up as much. also make sure ehwn you not using it its unplugged, not just on standby.
you'll find that some games are more prone to this than others.
Hi - I am on my 2nd xbox360 after the first one froze then crashed, causing the dvd drive to no longer think it was part of the system.

As far as I know there was a bad batch of xboxs, if yours crashes and when you plug in a controller, the ring of light is on the opposite side it should be, then theres problems. Same applies to if it sometimes takes two goes to turn it on.

You can't place them on a carpet either, but there is an xbox360 fan cooling stand you can buy from

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x box 360 freezing?

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