Hard Drives got me baffled

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ermadea | 12:17 Wed 05th Apr 2006 | Technology
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Please can anybody help me Iam so upset as I have ran into a serious problem, I started out with a 80gb C Drive which has now divided into data d drive and C drive, I am being told I cannot do a system restore as I need 200mb and I only have 15mb on C drive but I don't know what I've done wrong, I have 39gb on D drive, but the system restore has been suspended, I have tried disc cleanup, but there is no way I can gain any space from C Drive, I just keep getting warnings C drive is at a dangerously low level, Is there anyone who might be able to tell me what the best action I can take, I am on Windows xp home., Iam a fairly new to computers. Appreciate any help, Iam frantic, and so stressed out about all this, I can't concentrate on anything else, Please please help me before my sanity leaves me. Thanks so much


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Take a deep breath!

Go into Start - My Computer

And right click on C drive and select properties.

What information does it give it you about used space and free space?

Do the same for D drive and post the results here.

Don't worry - you'll soon be sorted.
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Hi Ethel, Thanks for answering soquickly, Ive did what yousaid:

C Drive Used space 22.8gb

Free space 15.1m

D Drive used space 12.2gb

Free space 33.4GB

Can you move some programmes from C to D?

This should be straightforward and not take too long.

If you don't know how to do it, ask. :)
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I don't know how to move programmes, Can you tell me what to do? Sorry I am useless!
You are not useless! LOL

Everyone is at this point at the start. The trick is to try.

Firstly - have you got any large files such as music or photos on your C drive?
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Ethel, Iam so sorry I have taken so long to get back to you, I have looked and there only appears to be about 4gb on C drive, I dont know where all the space has gone, I have tried several options, but because I really don't know what Iam doing I am running round in circles. I have added up everything and that is all it's using, so I don't know what to do, Please excuse me but I have not been to sleep for 29hours, my brain is frazzled, and I think I should try and get some shut-eye and look at this again with a new head, Iam sooooooo tired, thank you for taking the time to help me, perhaps I can talk to you tonight when I feel bit better, because at the moment Iam in floods of tears, and my concentration levels are at zero, hope to be in touch later on if thats ok. You're such a sweetheart! Thank you again.
Hi ermadea, try this. Click on the "Start" button, then "My Computer" then "Tools" then "Folder Options" then "View". Scroll down and ensure there is a dot beside "Show hidden files & folders". If there is no dot, double click on the item to put one there. Click on the OK button. If you now click on the "Start" button then "My Computer" then on your "C" drive you should see a lot more files than you could previously. This won't fix you problem but you might now be able to see what is taking up so much space.
Morning ermadea

Have you made any progress at all? I've had a few thoughts.

Go into the control panel / add remove programmes.

Are there any non-essential programmes that use a lot of space but you haven't used for a while?

If so, remove them - be quite ruthless. You can always re-install them later.

Then do a defrag.
Are you sorted now?
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Hi Ethel, Bet you wondered where I disappeared to, I have not been very well and had to stay in bed and rest, so was unable to go on computer, It was all so much grief, I lost my dad recently, and I think it was delayed shock, sorry for being such a drama queen, my son has tinkered with a few things, and I am up and running again, although I still have 2 seperate hard drives instead of the original one, anyway deleted lots of programmes and thanks also for your help oldbob I found lots of files, Ethel I re-installed programmes I got rid of, but I think I went too far, and deleted things I need for any future restore, and I also lost my whole cd collection and media player (Over 900 cds) so had to start ripping them again, it will take me forever, so thank you once again for your most kind words and help, Iam forever in your debt. Best Wishes, Hope you had a happy Easter or passover. love Erm.
Hope things are getting better for you now. Take care.

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Hard Drives got me baffled

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