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TEAK36 | 13:07 Wed 05th Apr 2006 | Technology
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A friend has a PC which is wired to Broadband, but he also has a wireless router which he uses when he want to use his laptop elsewhere in the house.The problem that he is having is whenever he uses the laptop wirelessly, the wired PC disconnects from the internet, and cannot reconnect until he disconnects the laptop.I suggested maybe changing the wired PC to wireless to see if it changes anything, but I have a very limited knowledge in this area.Any suggestions would be most helpfull.If it is of any help, I believe the laptop has a static ip address, but the PC does not.My friend also said they get Conflicting IP messages.


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I'm no expert but I do know that you can't have 2 different broadband connections up the same line which is what your friend is trying to do. The PC and the router use different connection settings so one has to throw the other off. easiest answer is to make the PC wireless and all that takes is a �15 usb dongle. hope this helps
Has he gone to the wireless router to the laptop THROUGH the p.c first via ethernet?
If it's conflicting IP addresses, then it's easy to fix.

If the laptop has a static address, then you can either change the address or make it use a dynamic address. Both are done from the same place.

Go to the Control Panel and open the Network and Dial-up Connections window. Right-click on the main connection, it might be called LAN or Local Area Connection or might be named after your ISP, then choose Properties.

Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and choose the Properties button just below the window.

Either change the address to something else (only change the last set of numbers, add 14 say), or set it to obtain an address automatically. Either should work.

Let us know what happens!
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Hi Stefos,

It looks like he has.I have told him to either use both the PC and laptop wirelessly, or to have the PC WIRED

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Hi Stefos,

I accidently pressed enter before I had finished typing.

I have told my friend to either use both the laptop and pc wireless, or to wire the PC directly to the modem, and then also wire the router into the modem so that the laptop can be used wirelessly.AT the moment is looks as though my friend has his NTL cable wired to his modem, which is then wired to his router, but then he also has both the modem and router wired diectly to the to the PC.

Teak: your friend should have his NTL cable modem, connected with an ethernet cable (looks like a fat phone cable) to his wireless router. then he needs another ethernet cable (very cheap, �2 or less. ask for an RJ-45 (cat5e) from a local electrical place, radio shack type), and this cable connects from router to PC.

then he can connect his laptop wirelessly. in the router settings, make sure that DHCP is enabled, and also make sure that he sets up WEP encryption (or one of the other options), and sets a password so nothing but his laptop can connect to his internet wirelessly.

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