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undercovers | 14:17 Thu 23rd Mar 2006 | Technology
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my new(ish) laptop gets stuck at 100% CPU usage when i use Internet explorer (mostly when viewing - i haven't done anything major to it just installed some things like spybot search and destroy, divx, and then added and subsequently removed powerdvd, mp3direct cut, and some data recovery tools. I got all the freeware stuff from <A target='_blank' href=&quot;;>http://filef</A>

I have done a spyware search and a virus search but nothings coming up� any ideas whats going on or what I could try to get explorer working properly (mozilla still works).
Many thanks


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Open task manager and see what programme is using the most CPU.

There is obviously something wrong.
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the windows task manager doesn't seem to tell me which prog it is - assumed it was the explorer as it only does it when i hit a link... very annoying as this machine seems slower than my 7 year old desk top. AND the rotten beggars at dell don't give you the cd software anymore so you can't even re format and start again... very annoyed

On task manager, open the processes tab.

That will give you a list of all the programmes running and the usage.

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sorry its very hard to tell explorer.exe goes up to 70,000 sometimes but i'm not sure if this is normal or not - i guess i'll just have to use mozilla instead - bit annoying as i quite like explorer - quite annoying and i'm still going to blame dell for selling me an expensive dud - unfortunately i can't afford to be without the comp at the moment or i'd send it back (and demand the software cd's)

There is something very wrong - my pc runs at between 2 and 10% cpu usage, with the occasional short burst up to 60%, which lasts seconds.

You are running a programme that is eating your cpu - clear cookie, temp history - everything you can think of.

I love firefox and never run IE, but IE should not be using this amount of cpu.

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thanks for your help - i've cleared everything i can think of... even mozilla uses 100 sometimes but manages to recover a bit faster. quite disappointed as it really has slowed me down ... can you suggest anything else to try after all that deleting?

thanks again for your advice

It's most important that you run at least 3 virus/trojan programmes.

Ewido, AVG and A2 are all excellent, and free.

That might find the cause of your trouble.
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thanks very much for your help and advice... i think i might have sorted it, down on the bottom right of the task bar (think thats what its called blue thing down there opposite side to the start button) had loads of programs listed that i don't use very often - when i exited them the cpu usage went right down so result! though they seem to reappear when i switch the machine back on again so at somepoint i guess i will have to work out how to get rid of them properly but hey at least i know i can sort it somehow at the moment (though i still blame dell for installing them all!)

thanks for all your help

You need a simple to use programme that allows you to decide which programmes you want to automatically start every time you turn your computer on.

This programme creates a list that you tick/untick but keeps the list of programmes so that if you turn off the wrong thing you can easily turn it back on again.

I highly recommened it - and it's free!
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thanks very much thats great! you are now my favourite ABer!!!!!

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