who and where is this number from?

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manutdstott | 16:08 Wed 22nd Mar 2006 | Technology
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I been getting some weird txt messages from this number 07800808318 just symbols and numbers that dont mean anything.I try to ring it back but number not in use i txt it back, who is it?, i get reply saying THICK TW_T OPTIONS THEN OPEN CUT MEDIA.

I'v looked on internet i cant find anything about the number can anyone shed any light on these weirdos?

many thanx


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just be careful, i worked for a mobile phone company for years and came accross customers receiving strange numbers a lot. sometimes, without even knowing, you are subscribing to something and they wont answer in case you find them out or cancel the subscription. check with your provider that you arent being charged as ive seen horrendous charges attached to these cons out!!!
Try Ofcom, telephony regulatory body, see if they know anything or have had similar complaints. Then TPS register your mobile to stop junk messages and cold calls.
If anyone sends unwanted stuff to your mobile, they are then breaking the law.

Ask your line supplier to keep dates and times of the dodgey txts, useful if you need to make a complaint in the future, to the police or in a court situ if you are stung for charges.

Your provider does know who is sending them, or at least where from, but cant tell you because of this backwards data protection act law we have in this country which as far as I can see, only makes it easier for people to operate this kind of scam.

I had a six month battle with Voda because someone was ringing me pretending to be Singlepoint, but seeing as Singlepoint were bought by Voda, I was suspicious. Eventually I tracked down some ******** company in glasgow called Response Handling Limited, a poxy market reseach outfit.

Not saying its them, but for-warned is for-armed.

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who and where is this number from?

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