PC won't boot

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anagram | 20:04 Thu 16th Mar 2006 | Technology
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A friend's pc won't boot,it starts up then just stops with a blank,blue screen.She's tried booting in safe mode but the same thing happens. Has anyone got any ideas what the problem could be?



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Is this the fabled 'blue screen of death'?

Are there any warning messages showing?

If not - it might sound obvious, but have her check that the monitor's properly connected.

I had that blue screen of death. Not that this helps anagram remotely.

I know this may sound stupid but does the pc give you any beeps when starting up? If so how many?

Could be anything - try which gives you a list of beep codes.

that may be hard to do when the computer wont boot ;)

Hi I had the same thing and apparently it was down to something called

NTDLR Missing.

You can find a NTDLR fix download somewhere on the net which you need to download from a different pc and transfer to cd, but as soon as you turn the broken pc on you need to press escape or whatever F button to access the bios and change it to run from disk drive first so it can access the cd with the program on. .htm

Have you tried running windows repair from the windows CD?
boot up from the Windows Bootable CD, then go to the Recovery Console (the
first Repair option you come to).

From the command prompt please type:

COPY CDDrive:\I386\NTLDR C:\
BOOTCFG /rebuild

After that, please reboot your computer.

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PC won't boot

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