error on my Epson R300

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ffoc1 | 22:10 Wed 15th Mar 2006 | Technology
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i keep getting a 'General error' message on my printer when i turn it on. it says refer to the manual to fix the problem but i have no manul can anyone help .


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Does it mention "parts at the end of their life"? How long have you had it?

Have you Googled the error? Here are some results (if not too long for AB).

A general error has occurred.
Click the [Clear] button to clear all print data from the Spool Manager. Remove any foreign objects, packing materials, or jammed paper from inside the printer. After removing the source of the problem, click the [Reset] button. If this error continues to occur, contact your dealer or authorized service center.

or reinstall driver?

lots of problems here:- tml />

Epson R300 Problem & Link
Q: I turned on the printer and the head moved slowly to the right all the way about 1cm to the left, then the roller would move quickly but only for about 1cm then stop.
The printer has a fatal error. Which can be caused by almost anything from a sensor to a dry carriage guide shaft to a main board or print head failure. If the printer makes any straining noises then it's a good indication that the carriage guide shaft need to be cleaned and reoiled. You can use a clean cloth or paper towel and clean the guide shaft and use a Q-Tip to clean the bushings where the guide shaft runs through the carriage. Be sure to remove any lint from the guide shaft before you oil it. Then use a lite oil like 3 in one to oil the guide shaft. For more info go here

i have recently had the dreaded general error on my Epson Stylus Photo R300.
Through the forums I have acertained that by pressing power / maintenance / stop together with the power off it will tell you of the problem, in my case 'Clear Waste Ink CTR.

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thanks iv had a look but nothing is helping when i get this message it says 'see your documentation info about clearing the problem' but i have in doc's. it might be time to get a new one. if you have any more ideas let me now. thanks

ffoc1, the site below has the utility that corrects most Epson problems (waste ink full, parts at the end ... etc). If this doesn't get round the 'General Error' then I'm afraid it might be a new printer. Do you need the facilty to print directly from cards? If not, the Epson 220 is much cheaper (under �50 if you shop around) and takes the same cartridges. The download link is right at the bottom of the page after the agreement.

ffoc1, let me know the outcome?

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error on my Epson R300

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