Indestructible TV Remote Control is there one ...?

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tellboy | 10:24 Tue 14th Mar 2006 | Technology
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My Mother presses the buttons so hard that the TV remote control is knackered in no time. Instruction in delicate pressing has not worked. Is there a universal remote that will withstand this ...?


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I have that problem as well and I couldn't find a sturdy remote. I tried making her wear boxing gloves for a while but she kept spilling my tea.

I ended up buying a cheap multi-function one from Argos for about 15 quid.

One for all 2 Way Remote Control

I chose it 'cos the buttons are shallower than on other remotes so she can only press a couple of millimeters before her finger or thumb (or knuckle !!! - don't laugh - I've seen it) meets the casing. On other remotes, when thebutton is depressed, it is still above the casing instead of flush with it which allows the button to be forced into the circuit board.

It's standing up quite well so far.

Ever seen those enormous phones for partially sighted people? If they ever do that for remotes - I'm getting one.

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Indestructible TV Remote Control is there one ...?

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