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Horatio | 15:06 Sun 12th Mar 2006 | Technology
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Images too big in slide show and sort views....OK in normal view. Spacechip suggested altering screen resolution (1020 x 768 by default) so have tried 800 x 600 and 1280 x 960. No change whatsoever! Any new ideas please?


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I've just tried it with some large pictures using the "insert object" slide. I was even able to drag the pictures to fill the screen with no problems when viewing them in slide show.

If you use a blank slide as your choice you can resize the pictures by dragging the boxes at the corners - if you can find them!!!!

Is this any help or have you already tried all this?

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Machecoul, thanks, but I cannot find the boxes you refer to.....that I tried to find.

Powerpoint---New presentation--slide layout--blank--Insert---picture from file--insert. So far so good......the picture fits the slide perfectly. Viewing it in slide show or sort view the picture is too other words I cant run a slide show. Could you please run through step by step your first paragraph? Thanks

I am using powerpoint 2000 at home and 2003 at work. Which one are you using?

I will have a look at home.

Another idea - instead of using "blank" try a slide with a frame for content or object.

I've just tried it with a "blank" slide and got a massive picture. I moved the picture using the mouse until I could see one corner. (It now appears as a frame with a small circle at the corner - not a "box" as previously described). Holding down left mouse button I kept pushing diagonally until the picture was small enough to resize in the visble slide. This worked.

The puzzle is that it fits your slide but then doesn't when you try and view your slide show.

Have tried it at home on PPt 2000. Get the same as you when using "blank". If I then push the picture diagonally up I can eventually get - a little square box (!!) in a corner (you have to keep pushing with left button held down and then moving cursor back to continue the push) Once you see the small box hold down left button and push the box diagonally - the picture starts to get smaller. Remember it's the corners you need to work on or you will distort the picture. Eventually you can see all the picture and then make it fit.

It takes longer to explain than it does to do !! (which means there is probably a quicker way :))

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