Is there a software which will put local weather reports on your toolbar?

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oceanauk | 17:24 Thu 09th Mar 2006 | Technology
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Does anybody know of any software which will keep updated local weather reports on your toolbar, or at least on the bottom part of the computer where the time sits? Many thanks


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I use Weatherbug which does the kind of thing you are looking for ocean... sits on the bottom right of your tool bar with the local temperature. You can click on it to open it up and it will give you real time weather reports. It is not exact... the nearest "station" I could get it to was about 10 miles from me, but its a pretty fair reflection.
google weatherbug, or go to
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oooooh thank you so much LazyGun!! I knew some clever person out there would know!! That's perfect and exactly what I'm looking for!! Thanks again!!
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Actually I've just had a look at this site but it's American!!! How did you get English weather on your toobar? Is there a link I can't see!!?? Thanks
Its a piece of software you DL..... the free one, not the subscription one. Once you get it up and running, you can choose the location you want from a global map... it then looks for stations in or near your area.... its as simple as that, if I recall rightly :)

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Is there a software which will put local weather reports on your toolbar?

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