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undercovers | 18:00 Thu 09th Mar 2006 | Technology
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i want to make a mosaic BUT i'm lazy ... at a long shot does anyone know of an image programme that would create a mosaic map of one image e.g. if i took a photo of subject the programme could split this up into tiles / cells of the same shape but differing colours - thus providing me with a map that i would take over to my wall and copy!

am i being really overly hopeful to think that this might exist? (found loads of them that would turn millions of images into my picture but not one that would keep it simple and just manipulate the one pic i have)... any ideas would be great, thanks


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Photoshop will do this for you. However it's quite expensive (if you plan to pay for it) so you may want to see if Photoshop Elements does it as thats a much cheaper package.

Hope this helps.


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mosaic maker programme

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