Satellite Broadband and Phone Line

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Mickey_Blue | 19:40 Wed 08th Mar 2006 | Technology
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Hi has anyone had or have experience of broadband satellite and if so is it efficient and ok to use ? I currently use 1mb BB but my telephone line wont support 2mb so i cant upgrade via adsl and i dont think its possible to change the phone line to support 2mb unless anyone can tell me different.

Thanks in advance. Mick


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mick - at the end of this month,bt are doing major exchange upgrades nationwide.i assume that you are over 2 miles away from your exhange which is why you cant upgrade.

after the upgrade,bt have promised that over 99% of consumers speeds will double at least.

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Hi Matt tnx for replying so soon but let me clarify that my exchange is 2mb enabled but i was told my actual phone line isn`t, do u think the upgrades you speak about will solve my line problem so i can upgrade from 1mb to 2mb BB i need ? tnx Mick
my exchange is also 2Mb enable but I live 2 miles from my exchange meaning that I am just out of range to receive it myself(i did have it but it gave me no end of problems) and yes the problems should be solved altho maybe not immediately as all the providers will need time to roll out their new services

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Satellite Broadband and Phone Line

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