View file address bar in windows xp home edition

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undercovers | 20:45 Sun 05th Mar 2006 | Technology
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this question does not relate to explorer rather the actual files saved on my computer e.g. i would like to have the bar with the file address appear at the top of the files i open (as is default for xp professional edition). I have already tried ticking the box entitled "display the full path in the address bar" from the folder options choice without any joy... if anyone has any suggestion it would be most appreciated. Many thanks


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I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. As far as I am aware, XP Home and Pro offer exactly the same display for the explorer, but...
I think you mean you can't see the address bar (consequently choosing what to show in it will have no effect). To show the address bar, just click:

View/Toobars/Address Bar

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this question does not relate to explorer rather to the local documents saved on my hard drive e.g. this is not an internet address viewing problem. In XP professional if i open My Documents from the land drive on the top of the window a file path name would open saying something like C:/myname/mydoucments etc. I would like to be able to see this in XP Home edition... does anyone know if this is possible? cheers
The reply I gave had nothing to do with the internet. When you view the files on your computer by clicking on "My Computer" or "My Documents", you are viewing them using Windows Explorer, commonly abbreviated to Explorer. This is not the same thing as Internet Explorer, which is commonly abbreviated to IE.

As I said before, just click:

View/Toobars/Address Bar
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thanks - sorry for not understanding your previous post my hatred for all things computery is making me grumpy... it still doesn't work must have some annoying default set on my machine - bleeding dell fill laptops full of rubbish before sending them to you... and whats wrong with a good old fashioned instruction book!!! phoned them up once to ask for some such an instruction book as i was having trouble connecting to the internet - they told me to look on line at it - i screamed...

The only reason I can think of that you can't see it is that maybe you have lots of toolbars showing, and it simply can't fit in the default location. Try this:

Click View/Toolbars
If there is a tick next to Lock the Toolbars, click on it, then click View/Toolbars again.
Note all the items that have ticks, and remove the ticks from each EXCEPT Standard Buttons in the same way.
If the window does not fill your entire screen, maximize it by either double-clicking the title bar, clicking once on the maximize button (to the left of the red X in the top right corner)
Click View/Toolbars again and notice that there is not a tick next to Address bar; Click it.
Hopefully the address bar will now be visible (or at least the word "Address").
Put the mouse pointer over the word "Adrress" and hold down the left mouse button, and the pointer should change to a 4-way arrow.
Keeping the left mouse-button held down, drag downwards
Release the mouse button, and you should now have the adress bar on a line of its own
Finally, click View/Toolbars/Lock the Toolbar
You can restore the window to its original size by either double-clicking the Title bar again or by clicking on the same button that you used to maximize it.

I hope this helps - if not, i'm fresh out of ideas!

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View file address bar in windows xp home edition

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