amplifier for a mobile phone??

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joko | 05:35 Wed 01st Mar 2006 | Technology
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Does anyone know if its possible to buy some kind of small amplifier attachment that could be stuck onto the earpiece of a mobile phone to make it easier for someone to hear the person on the other end?

One that can be left on at all times preferably or perhaps we can glue it on or something.

many thanks


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...mmm...all phones I have had, have given the option of turning on a built in speaker...I just thought all phones were like that.....commoner.
You can add an earpiece to nearly all mobile phones. Whats the make/model
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confab its a nokia 3330 - but i want one that will sit over the ear piece area, not plug in and have an headphone type ear piece.

like the one grahamlong linked to but much smaller for a mobile.


Hello joko. I have a Nokia 3310, and had the same problem, until I found that the earpiece volume can be increased or decreased using the up/down buttons on the right hand side.

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amplifier for a mobile phone??

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