1970'S TV Games Console (tennis type game?)

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Dollie | 23:06 Mon 27th Feb 2006 | Technology
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What was that game called ( a bit like tennis) that you used to be able to play on your TV screen if you had the appropriate game box - I'm going back to the seventies now - the first game ever that I remember you could play through your telly. You hit a ball from side to side of the screen and you could go faster and faster if you wanted?


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Wasn't it called Pong? I used to have an old orange Binatone console that played that game!

I think the arcade version was the 'Pong' one. We've still got one of the original 'consoles' (don't think they were called that then) in a cupboard. It plugged into your TV and had either 5 or 6 games on it:- the original table tennis, a version of squash, a football version (like two table tennis) and two shoot the moving spot games which had a light gun. We even managed to fool it into running the table tennis and shooting game at the same time! Oh what fun?!

omg...i had one of those orange binatone ones too

happy days!

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1970'S TV Games Console (tennis type game?)

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