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commoner | 18:55 Mon 13th Feb 2006 | Technology
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Hi I have just bought an LG B2050 mobile and can't seem to get it going...........

The battery is charged and the Sim fitted and all the various options etc are working but when I switch on all I get is the searching screen and no signal showing.........I am supposed to dial 150 to register the top up card but when I dial 150 and press the green button I get a warning screen saying For Emergency Use!

It is on T-Mobile but I just can't figure out what to do apart from taking the thing back..............must be something I am not doing I feel sure.

Anyone out there with one of these phones or is familiar with it...please help...........commoner.


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Have you checked that you are actually in an area that gets a T mobile signal? I live in a signal black hole and could only pick up a t mobile signal when leaning out of my son's bedroom window. NOt what I would call convenient!

I would be inclined to swallow hard and phone the T mobile helpline! There could well be a fault with your phone and you could spend hours fiddling with it before discovering that the damn thing isnt working!! I speak from experience, though in my case it was Vodafone. Once i got a replacement everything works fine. Also sometimes there has to be some sort of update from their end that gets the phone going. Check on the website to find their telephone number and call them on the land line.

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...OK rosyrussell..........a neighbours phone works fine on T-Mobile so I rang the helpline who went through various setting up checks a the guy said it was a sim card fault..........I think I'll just take it back for a refund and try something else............maybe something a bit better from a "proper" phone shop instead of ASDA..........thanks....commoner.

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