sony nw-a1000 help needed!

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londongirl | 14:42 Tue 07th Feb 2006 | Technology
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This is driving me mad! I know this player is supposed to hold 4000 tracks on average if you convert into a different format other than mp3/wma. I was told this was atrac, after spending several hours changing all my files into this format using sonicstage, I've found I can now hold even less songs (about 1300) than I had before which was about 1400...please help me!


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that player has a 6GB capacity. this is around 1400 songs or so, roughly.

whoever told you 4000 was not being entirely truthful.
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No, a normal 6gb does hold 1400 songs....but in sony format it is supposed to hold 4000. Thats according to the sony website, shops, internet, so it wasn't an individual. But thanks anyway.
well, they're still talking crap I think. Their format does reduce size better than mp3 and wma for example, but not so much better.

also, atrac is sony's own format. by using it, you're locked into using sony products.
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Managed to get this work far got 1500+ tracks on, with space for at least another 1500. So not quite 4000, but still quite impressive!

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sony nw-a1000 help needed!

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