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October | 14:52 Sun 15th Jan 2006 | Technology
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Hi guys

I keep losing my internet connection, every hour or so and have to reboot and repair the wireless connection. I'm on broadband AOL Silver, BT landline, top spec 3 month old laptop (no other pc). Linksys wireless router.

I thought the problem might be the wireless router so I went back to just using it as a modem (so loads of cables everywhere) but still getting the same problem. The only thing I can think of is my BT landline is causing the problem. When I originally bought the laptop I used AOL dial up but soon realised I needed broadband. BT said they couldn't provide broadband as the (telephone) line was too far from the exchange. AOL said no problem, so I went with them instead.

Any other ideas ? Thanks in advance


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Have your line checked out by BT it sounds like you have a noise line, old wires, a party line or you are just to far from your exchange, try a filter in your phone socket.
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Cheers thiek. Some of the external wiring is fairly old (it was here when I moved in nearly 30 years ago) and it was a party line then (not any more). I upgraded all the internal cabling about 5 years and put filters in as soon as I went over to broadband. As I mentioned before, BT said I was too far from the exchange, but AOL thought it would be OK. I'll get them both to check it out. Thanks.

I have just got broadband (31 Dec) and had the same problem as you until today. I was also told that the problem could be due to my distance from the exchange. However, this is what I did - Click on Tools, Internet Options, Connections, Settings, Properties, Dialling - then uncheck the ENABLE IDLE DISCONNECT box. Mine was set at 20 minutes; sounds like yours may be set for one hour. Hope it works - please let us know!
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Hiya Kenzie. Thanks for the info. I've looked at what you suggest but it only seems to apply to dial up or broadband with a VPN (I've only got the one computer, so I didn't need a virtual private network). I guess it would kick in if there was no activity on the line for (in your case) 20 mins. In my case, I was losing the connection whilst in the middle of doing something, which is very frustrating, as you know.

I went outside to look at the telephone line coming into the house and it's pretty poor with a few patches. I got onto BT and they're coming around next week to have a look at it. Thanks again,

Hi October. I have no idea what a VPN is(!) but anyway I have only one computer as well. I also was getting kicked off in the middle of doing something so the words IDLE DISCONNECT may be a bit misleading. Did you try what I suggested? Anything is worth a go - and I can fully understand how frustrated you must be! I'm certainly not an expert, nowhere near, just feeling my way around and occasionally stumbling upon the right answer!
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Kenzie - yes I did have a look. Got as far as Tools/Internet/Options/Connections. The settings button is greyed out on my laptop so I'm guessing that there were no settings associated with it, but you've got me thinking now.... it could be this user doesn't have permission to go any further. I'm going to look into it again. I'm still going to get BT out coz the telephone cable looks very dodgy anyway. If I get anywhere, I'll post back here.

VPN = virtual private network which I think is when one has several PC's in a house and the master one controls the network, with all other PC's, laptops, printers etc connecting into that network. On my wireless network router I've got the facility for up to 4 computers to be hardwired off it and more can be linked wirelessly.

Many thanks for all your help.

Well, if nothing else I've learned something today! I found out what to do from my internet provider, Tiscali, on their website. Depending on what Windows version you are using the instructions are slightly different so another avenue for you to try. Best of luck and don't through your pc out the window just yet!
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Just a quick thanks to you guys. Turns out to have been due to a dodgy master BT junction box. BT have replaced the old one with a new one (and it has separate telephone and internet plugs and a built in filter). I'm a happy man again now !!

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