What's "I'm feeling lucky" all about on google?

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mkjuk | 11:36 Fri 13th Jan 2006 | Technology
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What does this button do exactly?


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It skips the whole results page, and takes you directly to the first page it finds.

This button is best used when searching for the phrase " French Military Victories "
or defeats, if you want to be amused, give it a try,

The above are examples of what's called "Googlebombing" (there's even a page on it in Wikipedia)

There are ways to manipulate Google's search engine to get your site higher up the list and there have been various amusing exploits like the one above.

What's really interesting is if you put in "a miserable failure", Number 1 in the list is the whitehouse page for George W Bush, But number 2 is Michael Moore.

So it looks as if there was a little cyber-war going on between right and left wing Americans each trying to get their victim to the top of the list and hence the "I'm feeling lucky button"

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What's "I'm feeling lucky" all about on google?

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