How do I tune in my video recorder to tape the freeview channels on my tv?

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Shelle | 11:09 Fri 13th Jan 2006 | Technology
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I have a digital integrated tv which means I can switch between analogue and digital channels. Whilst I can record any of the analogue channels, I cannot fathom out how to record the digital channels.The trouble is reading various sites, I can find info on when you have a seperate set top box, but not when it is actually integrated into the tv.

The set up (installed by driver that brought tv) is as follows:

I have Sony Trinitron Digital tv KD28DX40U, Sony DVD player DVP-NS330 and Panasonic video recorder NV-HD675B. By the way the video recorder is older than the tv and dvd player which were purchased together. I did get a video recorder as well in the package but as I am deaf and need subtitles, the video I have has that facility, hence I cannot replace it with the new one.

The tv is connected by a scart lead to the video. It is also connected to the dvd player by a scart lead and two further leads. The arerial is connected to the tv.

I would have thought that all I had to do was tune in a channel on the video, but trying to do this I cannot find the freeview channels. The instructions for the video does not cater for connecting freeview, and the tv simply says to refer to video instructions!

Any ideas as to what I should do or what direction to go in??

Please help!!!


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Perhaps call the helplines for [either or both of] the TV and the Freeview box? You could also check out the websites for both of them, there may be information there that can help.

If either of them are relatively new, get them on the phone and, if they're not being particularly helpful, tell them it's going back if they can't tell you how it works!

When you tune in channels on a VCR you're searching to find the right radio frequency signal arriving through the aerial input. The data leaving your Freeview box is not a radio frequency signal. (i.e. A radio frequency signal goes into your Freeview box but what comes out is processed audio and video data). So, however much you tune the VCR, you'll never find the right radio frequency because there isn't one!

So, what you need to do is to get the VCR to record data which has already been converted to audio and video signals. (These are what come through the Scart cable). How do you do this? Take a look at the handset for the VCR (or the front panel if your VCR doesn't use a handset). Alongside the normal channel buttons, there's probably an additional button labelled 'AV'. This is the button you should use to select the appropriate 'channel' for the output from the Freeview box. (On a few very old VCRs there's no AV button but selecting Channel 0 may have the same effect).

Note that the AV setting is always used, irrespective of the digital channel which you wish to record. If you want to record different channels you will have to use the timer facility on the Freeview box as well as the one on the VCR.
Here's an example: Let's assume that you want to record Paramedics on Men & Motors this evening and then record Gohatto on BBC4. You should set the timer on the Freeview box to channel 38 (Men & Motors) from 2100 to 2130 and to channel 9 (BBC4) from 2200 to 2235. You should then set the VCR to record for the same two time periods but with the channel set to 'AV' on both occasions.

Please note that one thing you won't be able to do is to record one digital channel while watching another. This is because the whole of your set-up (Freeview box+ VCR + TV) only incorporates a single digital tuner.

Hoping this helps,

EEK! I've just re-read your question (I really must learn to read questions properly BEFORE answering them!!). For some reason I failed to notice that you're using an integrated TV!! Oops, sorry!

Some of what I've written will be irrelevant. The same important principle, however, applies. The processed digital signals will be exported from the integrated TV as audio and video signals, not as radio frequencies. These signals are what will pass along the Scart lead between the TV and the VCR so it's still that 'AV' button which should provide the solution you're looking for.

If your integrated TV incorporates a timer facility, then my advice regarding making recordings from more than one digital channel still holds true (just substitute 'TV' for 'Freeview box'). If the TV hasn't got a timer facility, you'll be restricted to recording from only one channel at a time. (i.e. you'll be able to go out for the evening and record separate programmes from one digital channel but not to switch between channels).

Sorry for the confusion.

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How do I tune in my video recorder to tape the freeview channels on my tv?

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