Task bar in wrong place

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ineedahobby | 10:20 Mon 09th Jan 2006 | Technology
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I hope someone can help me. My task bar used to be along the bottom of my screen, for some strange unkown reason it is now verticallly at the right of my screen. Horrible!!! Can anyone tell me how to change it back to how it was??

Many many many thanks. xxx


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ok...its back at the bottom now, but now its about double the width it used to be...YUK! used to be all nice and thin...anyone?
put your cursor on the top edge of it and drag it downwards. Don't forget to lock it afterwards to stop it happening again
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Thanks camioneur, have tried what you suggested, unlocked it, tried to drag it..doesnt seem to work though.

Unlock the task bar (right click on taskbar and remove arrow from "Lock the taskbar")

Hover the mouse cursor over the top of the taskbar and it changes to a small black double headed arrow.

Hold down left mouse button and drag top of task bar down so it is single size.

Relock the task bar.

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have tried all of that just wont budge.
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ok I can get it to move..but only to dissapear completely! There is no inbetween that it will move to, its only gone completely or really big. How odd!

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Task bar in wrong place

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