Creative MP3 player vs PSP

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bluchelski01 | 07:52 Mon 09th Jan 2006 | Technology
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Hello, I have a bit of a dilemma here. I saved up enough to purchase the MP3 player I've wanted (Creative Zen Micro) but my friend advised me to get the PSP instead. Never mind that I'm not a gamer (my last system is the Dreamcast), but I'd be able to watch films, listen to mp3s, and surf the web. I'm only looking to store all my mp3s and perhaps watch a few clips on the player, but the the web browser is a nice touch. Would it be worth it to buy the PSP if I were to use it not for portable gaming? Or is there another product out there that plays music, videos, and connects to the internet (but not a phone)?


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I wouldn't go near the PSP if your not going to play games on it for 3 reaons,

1. It's massive when compared to an MP3 player, I wouldn't want to be lugging that around.

2. It has little or no on board storage, you need memory cards to store the music on which are not cheap. �68 for 1Gb for example

3. It's expensive when you take in to account the memory requirements. Say for example the Apple iPod Nano which has 4Gb of memory at �174, the same spec PSP would be �451, it gets even worse when you compare to a iPod Video which has �30Gb at �210 compared with the same spec PSP at �2219.

Also unless you have a wireless network you won't be able to use the web browser, and if you do then personally I'd prefer to look at the internet on my PC rather than a small(ish) screen.

I'm not slagging off the PSP but it's pointless buying one as a music player only.
I'd totally agree.

What would be its main use?

Music player when you're out and about? Get an iPod!

Portable games machine? Get the PSP! (though this isnt what you want, as you've already said).

Are you really going to sit and watch videos on something like that? I know the idea sounds great, but try it and you'll see that its not all that great. And while the PSP does let you play videos, so does the iPod. And sure, the PSP's screen is larger than the iPod's, but but doesn't really matter anyway as they aren't all that different in size.
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Wow, that was quick! Thanks very much WoWo and fo3nix for the definitive answers. The mp3 player is definitely the way to go. I'm not too keen on the iPod myself, but I'll get the Creative Vision: M and watch shows at work, pretending its an organiser ;)
You want to go to the evil Creative huh?

I wouldn't use a creative machine if you paid me. you know they currently have a legal case, trying to sue Apple for using their interface in the iPod. Yet, the iPod's interface was released over a year before creative's. Not the smartest bunch of people there...

And just today, I've seen news of them trying to re-invent the term "podcast" (originated because it was used on the iPod), to mean Portable Broadcast or something. Why don't they just acknowledge the iPod's existance?!

Right now, the iPod blows any other portable music player out of the water.
I have a Nano and a Creative Zen, to be honest both are great with the Zen being cheaper that the equivalent iPod when I purchased it.

Having said that the ease of use on the Nano is great just plug in and it syncs with iTunes.

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Creative MP3 player vs PSP

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