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Badmao1 | 18:53 Wed 04th Jan 2006 | Technology
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I am using wanadoo broadband and have been for some time, my problem is that recently i can use the internet fine but when it comes to logining into most websites i get the page not available sign come up. Things like Yahoo website work fine until i try to log in.
This is very frustrating and any help is very welcome.

By the way i have run many anti spyware and anti trojan horse propgrams to no avail.


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If you are using IE try deleting all your cookies and temp internet files first to see if this resolves the problem.

Go into Tools - Internet Options and the option is there on the General Tab

Have you changed your anti-virus software? When I had this problem it was something to do with the settings on AVG Antivirus. I couldn't find a way round it and had to go back to Norton Antivirus and the problem was solved.
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Thanks for the help, although no luck.

I always clear cookies and temp internet files and haven't changed my anti virus software. I have tried turning the Anti virus programs off and still i can't access any page i have to log into, i can't even log into this site unless i'm at work!

Any more ideas welcome.
Maybe its an IE fault ? have you tried Control Panel>add/remove programmes,>Internet explorer and then choose the repair option as opposed to delete.
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I will try the add/remove option when i get home.

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Internet problems

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