A bit worried now... HELP PLEASE!

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yummy | 22:05 Fri 30th Dec 2005 | Technology
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Earlier, I was checking my e-mail on a friends laptop, when suddenly a pop up appeared reading the message 'a screenshot has just been taken' - or something like that. It was a private e-mail that I was reading and so I got a little worried. Just a second later, there was another grey pop up reading saying 'the screenshot was taken at 16.07' - or something like that! Anyway, i'm thinking now.. could he have some special software that detects e-mails, or takes screenshots of them? I don't want anyone reading that specific e-mail! Could it just have been a random silly pop up - ones you get when you're surfing? I hope so :(


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A silly random popup it seems to be. Don't worry about it.

Inform your friend to use Firefox ( instead of Internet Explorer. Then he'll have no more silly popups.
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Thank you.. But do you think it could be my friend wanted to know the content of my e-mails? He is known to be a bit of a weirdo like that!

out of curiosity, if your friend is a bit of a weirdo :-) why take the risk ? I would guess itd probably something they've downloaded as a prank, but why not turn the prank back on your friend and check if it has taken a screenshot - these would prersunably be stored as photo files (even if it is possible to do this?) and do a file search on their computer for all *.jpg files added at the date you accessed their computer - its under the start/search/pictures music etc. (but make sure to put the date in the options in to avoid thousands of files being found)

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A bit worried now... HELP PLEASE!

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