transferring files with two XP machines

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mmq2004 | 21:57 Sun 25th Dec 2005 | Technology
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is there a straightforward,plug+play, method of transferring files via a usb transfer cable with both machines being XP.

i've tried googling, and i get things like 'network type connection' or thrid party software.

is there anything in XP which will allow me to transfer files just by plugging in both machines via usb transfer cable?


ps. reason im asking is because i have +700mb files on one machine with dvdrw drive but the other machine's DVD drive doesn't recognise the discs (before you ask, yes it does have a dvd drive)...and ive tried the same discs on many other machines and they work fine...AND...the messed up machine is not mine



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Another fairly simple option is called Internet connection Sharing (ICS).

This is normally a simple way of sharing an internet connection between two machines, but you could probably easily adapt it for your use.

What NORMALLY happens with ICS is that the internet connection goes into the back of one PC, then comes out of the back of the same PC and goes into another PC (so they are sort of daisy chained together).

What you can do is IGNORE the internet bit and just use it to come out of one PC and go into another.

What you need is:

An ethernet network interface card (NIC) or ethernet socket on the back of both your PCs (If they are fairly new you will probably have this).

An ethernet cable, but a special type, a CROSSOVER cable (very cheap to buy).

There are a number of sites that show you how to set up ICS, such as here:

The good thing about setting up ICS is that you are on your first steps of learning about networking.

Learn that and eventually you will able to network your PCs together, share your internet, share your printer, even share your hard drives and CD drives.

I don't have the technical knowledge that vhg has, but I often need to transfer files between computers. I do it with a USB flash drive. No cables, just drag the files across in Windows Explorer and then do the same on the other machine.
yea, you could always invest in a 1GB flash drive, which would be useful at many times and not just now.

else, get some blank CD-Rs (as oppoesd to DVDs). one will store ~700MB on it, so two should do you. and they're very cheap. your other machine should have no trouble reading them either.

or if both have an ethernet connected you could do what vehelpfulguy suggests and use an RJ-45 cable to connect the two. i'm sure USB connections must be possible too, but i'm not sure how.
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thanks all. esp vehelpfulguy


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transferring files with two XP machines

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