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Twirly00 | 22:05 Sat 24th Dec 2005 | Technology
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My PC is constantly telling me I have low disk space and despite following the disk clean up proceedure and having spent a lot of time deleting unused programs, games and half my photos, it still continues to say that space is critically low and that system restore has been suspended. Please tell me how I can resolve this problem as it's affecting my computer's performance and I can no longer send emails using Outlook Express. My recycle bin is empty yet apparently I have literally NO free space.



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please open up my computer, and tell me how much space your have free, and total disk space, on your hard drives:

typically C: (but you may have more; this is computer dependant).

just right-click the C: icon (and any others that are hard drives), and clikc properties. it'll tell you free disk space and total space.
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Thanks for replying...

I have 8GB of used space and 2.17MB of free space on my C drive

I also have an E and F drive - E has 18.6GB of free space and F has 4.79GB of free space. I don't think this space is taken into account as it always says I have critically low space which obviously refers to C:

Hope you can help.

The error message itself may actually be erroneous. Is it a Dell Desktop computer? We recently had some installed at work and started getting the same messages. I Googled the message and found it was a common problem and caused by a program which is supposed to only run on laptops. The solution was to use 'add remove programs' to uninstall it. Only problem is that I am at home now so don't know the name of the program to uninstall. I think it was three letters long and included an M and an I. I'll try and find out more details ror you.

In the light of your reply, which was posted whilst I was typing my first response, it appears you really are desperately short of space on your boot drive (C). Since it is unlikely that you have 3 Hard drives installed, I assume that it is a single drive that has been partitioned. You would seem to have the following options:

1) Install windows on your E drive and change the BIOS settings to use that as your boot drive.

2) Transfer as many as possible of your data files from your C drive to your E or F drive. (You don't have to delete them entirely - just delete them from the C drive once copied across.)

3) install a new larger HD and ghost across all your system files. Either leave the first drive in and change its setting to 'slave' and the new drive to 'master', or copy across all remaining files and remove the older smaller drive.

As gen2 says, you seem to have one hard drive that is partitioned (split) into 3. You know if this is correct?

If so, you can just use a simple program like PartitionMagic to combine these three partitions, so you'd have one large drive with lots of free space on it.

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Low Disk Space

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