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HFJL2020 | 12:12 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | Technology
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when i do a speed check on my acer laptop i get 15 mbps but on my dell laptop t get 51.29 i wonder why


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How is your Dell laptop connected? Are they both connecting by WiFi?
How old is the Acer?
Are they both in the same room?
Question Author
both connected by wifi acer about 7 yrs
both in same room
I have also asked a similar question before and no-one could give me the reason. I have 2 laptops and one tablet all in the same room using the same router and all 3 give very different speed readings using the same speedchecker. Most odd.
There is absolutely no reason to root a modern android phone.
Early android phones were full of garbage software that didn’t work properly and slowed the phone down. Connecting it to a computer and getting into the software code enabled coders to at least make them usable.
But android have got their act together and the OS and third party apps are a lot better and there is no need to root a current modern android phone.
^ Sorry wrong thread.

Your computers will have different component manufacturers. Some are better than others. Your laptop uses a little modem to connect to your router/broadband.
Do you have a modern smartphone on which you can do a speedtest?
After though:
One may have a 3G modem, and the other a 4G modem.
3G and 4G relate to mobile broadband through the SIM card and does not relate to WiFi.
WiFi standards are n,g,a,b,ab,ac,ac complicated by 2.4GHz and 5GHz
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thanks for all the info no smart phone
i should have said renew ew contract 04/07 before that i was getting 40 mbper s now around 15 mb
Are you getting 15 on all your devices? When you renewed was it for an identical service - same speed, same equipment?
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it was or identical service thanku
Unless you get visits from loads of teenage relatives, all wanting to stream HD movies simultaneously, it's unlikely that it makes any difference at all as to whether you get 15 Mbps or 15 million Mbps; you're unlikely to notice any difference.

I've still got a copper-cabled ADSL2+ connection, which pre-dates fibre ones. I get around 10 Mbps, which is perfectly adequate for (say) streaming NOW TV and browsing the web simultaneously. A connection offering tens, hundreds or even thousands times my current speed wouldn't really make any difference to me - except for the bigger hole in my bank balance!

Don't be taken in by BT, Virgin Media, et al, who all want you to think that 'faster' must always be synonymous with 'better'. It simply isn't.
Not for the first time I agree with Chris. My parents recently got upgraded by their isp and my dad was glorifying the the fact it was going to be a significant upgrade. When I asked him if he slow Internet now the answer was no
Some of the wifi cards pre installed are pretty poor. Easy to install an Intel card costs around £15. After doing so my speed jumped from 34 to 74mbps and regular updates were forthcoming unlike broadcom etc

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