Has Anyone Heard Of A "Ocd" Button On A Dvd Remote?

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emily1890 | 17:15 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Technology
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I was just looking at the manual for the majority dvd player online, and acording to the website, the last button listed on the control is "OCD"

does anyone know if it's a mistake, or if indeed it's a button, and what it does?



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My guess: could it stand for Optical Compact Disc? I've never come across an OCD button.
Maybe it should read OSD (On Screen Display) ?
It's a typo for 'OSD' (on screen display).

Here's an enlarged screencap from an Amazon page that's offering that DVD player for sale:

BTW: Majority is an excellent brand. I've got one of their internet radios and I'm highly impressed with it.

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Has Anyone Heard Of A "Ocd" Button On A Dvd Remote?

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