Iphone Pedometer.

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grandpajoe | 15:47 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Technology
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Carried my I phone in my shirt pocket whilst out walking my dog and it still recorded how far I had walked. How does it now?? I always thought it had to be in one's trouser pocket so it recorded each step???


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It works in a different way to a stand-alone, old fashioned pedometer which counted your steps by counting your hip or leg movement.

Your iphone contains several 'accelerators' which detect movement in any direction and the speed. So, it knows when your are moving and how fast. It uses algorithms (complicated set of calculations) to estimate how many steps you are using at that speed - it has an accuracy rate of 86% so is a useful guide but not 100% precise. Having said that, if it says you walked 8,000 steps yesterday and 10,000 today, you can be confident that you walked significantly more today.

I think you mean ‘accelerometers’.
I did mean that, thank you Zacs :)

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Iphone Pedometer.

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