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waltekar | 19:02 Thu 23rd Jun 2022 | Technology
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Is it possible to adjust the height of subtitles on the screen. The text appears half way up the screen. The company who seem to supply the majority of subtitled programs/adverts is Accessibility and they have no answer, so I thought it must be the TV itself that has the settings.


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We've never had that problem but have had a few others, some of which were solved by doing the TV equivalent of a factory reset. If it's a new TV have you contacted where you bought it from or Sony themselves?
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Think we will contact the seller firstly, if no luck, then Sony.
It appears that the positioning of subtitling is determined by the broadcaster, not by the TV set:

Googling suggests that Samsung sets do have a facility for overriding the broadcaster's default setting but that Sony ones don't.

However, if such an option is actually available on Sony sets (which, to be honest, I doubt) it should be among the settings for subtitling. How you access those settings will depend upon the exact model of your TV set. Once you've selected 'Settings' though, it's likely to be one of the following paths:
I could be wrong but don't think the subtitles can be enlarged on the Sony but do know they can be enlarged on Fire thingmajig - I have upstairs. It's very good for that 100% 200%. actually too large but then you can lower it - I have a Bravia myself but hardly use it as I mainly use Sky.
You can watch Sky on a Bravia. What do you watch Sky on, JJ?
on my sony bravia but ever since I bought it - I still watch Sky as I like to record.

I'm going to be honest I don't know the first thing about the bravia - as i hate change
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Tks everyone, I will have a look at the settings options again ( but don’t think there is anything there) also will have a look at the links you suggest.

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