I Can't Use Internet Banking

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winstonmin | 09:01 Wed 22nd Jun 2022 | Technology
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I can't now make a bank transfer. I get an error code. I went into the bank and there's no problem they can see and made the transfer for me. I also talked to Barclays and they made a transfer on line, but can't understand the error. They have transferred this to their IT department, but it hasn't been put right. Has anyone had this problem?


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Might be that you're supposed to get a security code to do it, but you're not getting it.

May I ask which bank ?

I've successfully used NatWest and TSB within the last few days.
It's in the OP Canary.
Question Author
It's Barclays. I've been making bank transfers for a long time. This has just happened.
What is the error code number? There have been one or two issues with the internet, in places, since Tuesday morning due to problems with Cloudfare. A web service provider/aid.
Last year I had a problem due to a softwAre glitch, I was unable to do a certain transaction. I had to take my laptop and carry out the transaction in front of them that way the glitch came to light.
Have you tried clearing your cache and service history. Then, if you have the Barclays site pinned or saved in your favourites/ bookmarks bar unpin and delete from favourites/ bookmarks. Then log back in afresh and save or pin the site as before. If you do clear cache etc remember that you may have to re-enter passwords and log in details for sites when you try to open them. So best to make a note of them before clearing history/cache.
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Thanks for all the replies. The error code was 9872. Barclays on the phone talked me through clearing my cache and that didn't change anything. They checked the error code and it didn't give any other option but to log in a different way (pinsentry) which I tried as well.
Santander stopped me making a transfer but didn't say why - which was particularly unhelpful. Their normal phone responders couldn't figure it out & put me on to their security section. They didn't say specifically that the stop was due to security reasons but after a few questions they made the transfer for me.
///It's in the OP Canary.///

Ooops, I told you I've got eye problems. Now you know why I'm banned from driving.
That's a relief;-)
I got a refusal when it was too large
and also to a new account holder

considering the amount of internet bank fraud I take it philosophically.

It is worth rehearsing money laundering rules ( no umplication here) which is refusal / suspicion - anything that is not fanciful
( R v Shah I think but I am sure of the phrase)

and they dont have to tell you and if you ask they dont have to tell you why ( tipping off rules)

so a gottle of geer, gottle of geer reply ( they have to keep their mouths shut see?) should make YOU suspicious

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I Can't Use Internet Banking

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