Can’t Stop Phone From Beeping When I Get A Message!

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Smowball | 15:42 Tue 31st May 2022 | Technology
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This is the only mobile I’ve ever had this problem with. MrSmow decided to buy me a new mobile(no idea why as I was perfectly happy with my Samsung).
It’s a Ulefone Note 7P, And I hate it!! But anyway, whenever I get a message on FB Messenger, or WhatsApp, it beeps really loudly, and it’s driving me mad! Doesn’t do it for emails, txts, or anything else. Just these two things. I’ve gone into settings, sound, notifications, you name it, but just cannot seem to stop it. Nothing says turn sound off in these individual apps, all I can see is ‘turn notifications off’, and if I do that then I don’t receive any messages till I turn it back on! Then I get loads rush thru at once with the fone beeping like mad. Ive emailed & messaged ULEFONE but haven’t had a reply yet. Does anyone have any bright ideas before I throw this fone across the room!?


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Ignore the fact that it's for an ipad.
Tell MrSmow you don't like it and carry on using your Samsung ..
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Right Zac - let me try that!! Hang on…….
Shirley - if I can’t sort this then I’m going to have to!
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Zac - will that just stop the beeping when I get a message, or will it stop any sound on FB whatsoever?
Should stop all sounds
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Well Ive just received a message on FB marketplace after doing what you said and it’s beeped loudly again. Have just asked a couple of people to message me to see what happens.
oh heck
I would throw the phone across the room and go buy yourself a decent one that you like. And maybe tell hubby you are a big girl now and quite capable of choosing your own mobile thanks :-)
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It’s just driving me nuts that I can’t sort this! Zacs link was exactly how it is on the phone, and followed it to the letter - it’s showing as sounds turned off now but still…….
There may be a seperate volume control on your phone for 'media'. turn that down to minimum as well, maybe.
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Yep I’ve tried that. Only thing left is that it says ‘mute notifications’ and you can choose how long for up to 24 hours, but can’t just permanently turn off, and not even sure if that means just mute the beeping, or mutes even receiving messages at all!
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Ok, the muting for 24 hours seems to have worked! I just don’t seem to have the option of muting permanently. Seems I will have to mute again when this 24 hours is up.
Try setting, sounds, do not disturb.
Turn off all sounds except calls
Switch the phone off completely
Remove SIM and any memory card
Place phone back into box
Insert card into Samsung phone
Turn Samsung phone on
Message husband with advice on where to stuff his suggestion
Await reply
How on earth did he come to choose to buy you that phone?
Time for a new one, Smow - you can sell that one on eBay. There is one listed for £15

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Can’t Stop Phone From Beeping When I Get A Message!

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