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smurfchops | 14:48 Fri 27th May 2022 | Technology
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I have been fiddling about with my iPad, to free up space. It didn’t work, but my problem now is this. Every time I try to make a credit card payment to Anyone, like Tesco online shopping, it has started asking for a verification code which is sends to my phone. This is such a nuisance, it hasn’t happened before. Is it something I have possibly changed on my iPad? And if I get the code wrong (which I didn’t but it said I had) it tells me to contact my bank.. help please! I am not technical so easy answers please. Thanks all.


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I don't think this is anything to do with your ipad but new security measures brought in by banks. I've had several emails about it too. Online purchases I used to make on several devices without an issue now all ask for verification code, either to my phone or using a pin sentry reader. It started about a month or two ago for me. That's either Barclays or Barclaycard payments.
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Oh thanks Prudie, maybe I can’t blame it on the iPad then.
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Mine are from Santander. Anyone else having this happen, just out of interest?
I get mine from santander too
yes - from Santander & others.

Most of my banking can now be done on mobile phone apps - just requires fingerprint authorisation.
It's apparently anti fraud measures brought in Mid March this year. Lots on Internet about it.
Barclay card debit card I sometimes get sent a code but not for Amazon, which I use a lot. Here, Portugal we have MBWay for card payments where you register your card but have to confirm payment with your online code. The SMS message we receive takes us to the bank app to do this.
I've had it a few times recently when shopping online with Tesco and I pay with my Tesco credit card. It hasn't happened for the last two shops though.
It's not really a nuisance though, is it? Only takes a few seconds.
The Financial Conduct Authority has made it a rule that all banks and payment service providers must use SCA (= Strong Customer Authentication, a.k.a 2FA = 2-Factor Authentication).

The rule came into effect in 2019 but there was an 18-month grace period for financial bodies to get their systems up and running. That period ended on 14 March this year so, since 15 March, it's now compulsory for them to use it.
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Barry it’s only a nuisance because my iPad lately is interminably slow, and the transaction just clams up .. I am taking the iPad back to John Lewis next week, hopefully their technical dept can look at it. Thanks all.

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Transaction Verification Code

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