Running An App On Windows 10 That Only Runs On Windows 7

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Tubbycoates | 20:52 Thu 26th May 2022 | Technology
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Hi all,

I've got a piece of software that works on Windows 7, but doesn't work on Windows 10 I get an error message saying this app can't run on your pc.

I've looked on google, and it says change the compatibiity settings, which I've done, but it still doesn't work.

How can I get it to work please?



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You seem to have forgotten one important piece of information...
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Enlighten me
At a guess I would think Jim is wanting the name of the software so that its compatibility can be checked
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I doubt it will make a difference, but it's called XFIGURE
I think your only option here is to download something like VMWare, spin up a virtual machine and install Windows 7 on that. Presumably you still have the Windows 7 media?
Have you tried these options Tubby? Worth a read through before trying too much more.
The OP said that he had done that.
This is worth your time too. Both forums appear to stress how important it is that you are running as "administrator".
I think that you're probably out of luck if you've already tried everything here:

X-figure seems to have been discontinued from all of the usual software down sites for Windows, and is now only available (for $0.99) as a iOS app for Apple devices.

I too struggle to get older software to work with Windows 10 (although I've managed to get things like Microsoft Publisher and QuarkXpress, both designed for Windows XP, to run on it). My only real solution is to keep a Windows 7 netbook specifically for running old programs on.
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Hi Buenchico,

I had a old netbook that ran on Windows 7 but it packed up which is why I'm trying to get my program to run on Windows 7.
I suppose the only solution is to wait until something comes cheap on Ebay.
Thanks anyway, you are always a great help.
The cheapest Windows 7 model I can find on eBay that's got 2GB of RAM (as Windows 7 never really ran that well with just 1 GB, despite plenty of manufacturers trying to get it to do so) and with no faults such as missing keys, etc:

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Running An App On Windows 10 That Only Runs On Windows 7

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