I Am Looking For A Camera Under 100$ To 200$

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october262001 | 22:25 Tue 24th May 2022 | Technology
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i would like to know what is the best cheapest highest quality camera for under 100$ to 200$


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With that very limited budget, I'd opt for a bridge camera to get as close to a DSLR camera as possible without having to pay the price for one.

Right at the top of your budget (or, strictly, just 97 cents over it) this Minolta model offers superb value for money: User Recommendation

[PS: This is a UK-based site but, as you've stated your budget in dollars, I've assumed that you're in the USA and linked to the US version of Amazon].
Damn it!

I'd forgotten that The Answerbank's server screws up when anyone tries to put two Amazon links in the same post!

The link above is for my second choice camera, from Kodak, which I tried to suggest as a decent alternative to the Minolta model if your budget won't stretch that far. Here's the Minolta link that I meant to post first: User Recommendation
I'm thinking that the OP is French Canadian as they place the dollar sign after the number instead of before it.
You might well be right, Sanmac. If so, October262001 will need to multiply those prices by 1.28 to change them to Canadian dollars (or, of course, look for those cameras from Canadian suppliers). That would place the Minolta camera well above his budget but the Kodak one only just over his stated maximum, so it might still be worth considering.

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I Am Looking For A Camera Under 100$ To 200$

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