Sony Xperia X - Problems With Notification For Updates All The Time!

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moggie 939 | 11:28 Sun 22nd May 2022 | Technology
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Hello again
Just got my wife this phone as her old Xperia was not 4G. Set it all up ok as it is similar to my Xperia but one annoying problem.

It had a load of notification icons at top of home page and I did manage to remove these by going into Apps and disabling them - so far so good but.......every time she uses the phone an update icon shows and I HAVE to do the update or it appears again. I did the first update which took ages and it seemed to upgrade it from Android 6.0 to 7.0 which was ok. Then another one showed and another (the phone was not new)

Problem is that the sound I set up for her messages (texts) keeps going off when the notification shows. I cannot see how to set this so it is only for texts - do not think I can - but I can find no way to turn off the updates! Looked thru all the apps which I had not disabled and could not find one for updates.

Thanks again for your help everyone



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You should be able to turn notification sounds off in the phones sound settings.
Are the updates for the phone or for apps? Phone updates will continue to notify you until they are completed, app notifications should be able to be turned off in the app's settings
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It is the same sound fore the messages and the update app so my wife looks for a message when the sound goes off and there is no message
Cannot see how to make a separate notification sound for app only
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Sony Xperia X - Problems With Notification For Updates All The Time!

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