Onedrive Preventing Me From Viewing Photos On Computer

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FreyaBee | 19:30 Tue 17th May 2022 | Technology
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I have tried to get rid of Onedrive but finding it impossible. Windows Technical help asked permission to enter my computer to fix the problem. Then said a One Time fix woud cost £95, so I exited and turned computer off. I have done a restore as I thought it could be a scam.


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How is OneDrive preventing you from viewing photos?
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I try to open photos in "My documents" and get a pop up message which says onedrive app not working. I have tried to uninstall Onedrive and get a pop up message saying app not working.
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The pop up green box message reads "This app can't open. Check the Windows Store for more info about photos. See in store"
That sounds like a corrupt file association to me. When you double-click on a file to open it, Windows needs to know which program to use. (e.g. it will use Word, or similar, to open a file with a .doc or .docx extension but it will use PowerPoint to open a file with a .pppt or .pptx extension). So it maintains a list of all the correct file associations. However that can sometimes become corrupt and it appears to me that Windows is trying to use OneDrive to open image files, rather than using your default image viewer (which will be the Photos app if you're using Windows 10 and you haven't changed the default setting in any way).

RIGHT-click the Start button.
Choose 'Settings'.
Click on 'Apps'.
Click on 'Default apps'
Look under 'Photo viewer' to see which program Windows will try to use when you double-click on an image file. I suspect that it's currently showing 'OneDrive'. If so, right-click on that entry and change it to 'Photos' (or whichever other image viewing software you use on your computer).
//Windows Technical help asked permission to enter my computer to fix the problem. Then said a One Time fix woud cost £95, so I exited and turned computer off. //

Can't see that being "Windows Technical Help".
PS: If 'Photos' is already shown as your photo viewer, simply ditch it and use something far, far better. i.e. Irfanview:

Download the program. (It'll be the 64-bit version you need unless you've got a very old computer). Then install it. When you're asked about which files should be associated with it, just accept the defaults that are offered to you.

Then double-clicking an image will open it in Irfanview, rather than photos. (In Irfanview, to view the next image in a folder, press either the space bar or Page Down. To go back to the previous image, use Page Up. There are loads of image-enhancement options available from the menus).
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Thank you Buenchico for the very detailed way to solve my problem. I am 81 years old now and finding technology more difficult but I will try all you say tomorrow when I have had a good night's sleep. I was suspicious about the Technical help I received. I did a restore and everything seems to be good (apart from the onedrive ) !
How did you get in touch with, or find Windows Technical Help?

Did the Technical Help have an Indian accent?

Did they install any software on your computer? Was it Anydesk or TeamViewer (both legitimate software, but commonly used by scammers).

If any of that software is installed, uninstall it, as if it was scammers, they may have had you or themselves set that software for unattended access.
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I googled "how to get rid of one drive" and Technical Help appeared but not one of the two names you mention. I clicked on "live chat" and there was a long conversation during which the "technician" gained access to my pc and I took digital photos of the conversation in which the problems were pointed out to me. When I was asked whether I wanted it fixed immediatey I was told the cost was £95 for a one time fix, or take out a plan. I immediately exited the conversation. I have since checked for any viruses and did a scan and was assured there were none. It was a typed communication, so no voices at all. Windows Defender confirmed no problems.
It might still be worth checking that something nasty hasn't been installed on your computer:

Right-click on the Start button.

Select Settings.

Click on Apps & Features.

Where it says "Sort by: Name", click on 'Name' and change it to 'Installation date'. Any recently-installed software will then show up at the top of the list. If there's something there that shouldn't be, click on it and then on 'Uninstall'.

While you're there, you should note that if you really want to remove OneDrive from your computer, you can similarly click on its entry in the list of apps and then on 'Uninstall'.

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Thanks again Buenchico. I am carrying out that advice now.
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Good news Buenchico. There are no new apps apart from "Solitaire collection" which I uninstalled. I also uninstalled OneDrive which is now allowing me to view my photos. However, the OneDrive icon still appears on the desktop and I tried to delete it but the message appeared that it needs the laptop owner's permission ( me !) but I don't know how, so have left it there, as it is not interfering with anything. Your help has been much appreciated
By any chance was it Event Viewer that the “technician” showed you..
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Tuvok I have just checked with "event viewer"in the windows search box and nothing odd showed up. I have now looked at the digital photos I took of the live chat and it is very detailed in its description of possible corrupted files etc.
Can you remember how you gave the “technician” access to your computer - I just want to make sure they can’t access your computer whether you are there or not.

I’m not trying to scare you, but letting somebody unknown onto your computer just raises all sorts of red flags to me, as that is a tactic of scammers.

I’m glad that you did exit immediately money was mentioned, and that you effectively killed the connection.

Same thing happened to a friend - she got a phonecall, let them onto her computer but the minute money was mentioned she got suspicious and disconnecte, then I got a call from her!

She knows that she shouldn’t have let them on, and the only person to let remote on to her computer is me!

There are numerous people on YouTube who go after scammers, and even they can get scammed.
FreyaBee looks to be safe enough from remote access attacks, as he/she has followed my advice, above, to look for recently-installed apps.

For someone who wrote "I am 81 years old now and finding technology more difficult", I reckon that you're doing damned well with getting things sorted (and a lot better than many far younger people would!). BTW: My next birthday will be my 70th, so I'm not exactly a youngster either!
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Tuvok: you did scare me (just a bit !) as I have since done all security checks for viruses etc. I am aware of scam phone calls purporting to be from Microsoft and I just block the number (even though the scammer is using a computer-generated UK or a number randomly found in the phone book, unbeknown to the real owner of that number) Mine was an online chat. It won't happen again

Buenchico, Thank you for your kind comments. Happy 70th when it occurs !

Freya (have now edited my profile to female)
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UPDATE The digital photos I uploaded of the online chat show that I was "supposedly" speaking to a company called but I have done some research and found that this company was taken over so I am now sure it was a scam. Users querying OneDrive have also been directed to Beware of phishing scams also purporting to be screenconnect and do not click on any link
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PS to my last post: were taken over and are now trading as ConnectWise control. Phishing scams from this company are also common.

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