Any Option To Recover Data From Water Damaged Samsung Phone

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maxfield034 | 19:04 Tue 17th May 2022 | Technology
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I have Samsung S21 and I was in the bathroom and by mistake, it fell into the tub filled with water. I immediately took out the phone out of the tub.

Phone got switch off. I left the phone for almost 1 day to let it dry by itself. Therafter I switched it on, the phone switched on but went black. I am not able to access the phone. I have precious photos and videos stored in the phone.

After doing little search, I have found this -

In this post they have recommended to try Recover (Android) third-party software to recover data from damaged Samsung phone.

My question is - it is the only way to recover data from water damaged phone. Will it be able to recover data. Or do I have aanoy other option?


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Try the obvious first:

Connect your phone to a Windows computer, using the phone's USB charging cable, and turn the phone on. (A blank screen might only mean that the screen itself is damaged, with everything else functioning normally). If your computer 'sees' the phone as being turned on, it will show up as an external drive in Windows Explorer and double-clicking on its icon will show the individual folders where files are stored on it. (Images, for example, are likely to be stored in a folder called DCIM). If you can get into the various folders, you can copy the files across to your computer.
Unfortunately, if it's got a fairly recent version of Android, Buenchico's method won't work as the phone's USB port will default to charge only. To change it to file transfer mode will require you to interact with the phone.
^^^ It's odd that TC should write that, as my own experience is exactly the opposite!

My old phone, running Android 6, did need to be set to File Transfer Mode in order to transfer files to my computer. My current phone, a Samsung Galaxy A12, running Android 11, doesn't. I simply connect it my PC and, as long as it's turned on, I can then transfer files straight away.
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That's interesting Chris. Both my phones (Galaxy Note 10s and Oneplus Nord) and my Galaxy Tab 7FE, all of which are running Android 12, behave in the way I described.
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I have tried Buenchico method, but it is not working.
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I have followed the solution given in the link from yboney101.

I have already done these:
I have restarted the phone,
Charged my phone but still the screen is black.

The article also says to try Android Repair software but again it is third-party software and I have to pay for it, instead I think I should go to Samsung Service Center.

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Any Option To Recover Data From Water Damaged Samsung Phone

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