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porkchop | 16:41 Tue 17th May 2022 | Technology
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Our house is surrounded with high trees and in order for the dish to get a clear view of the satellite the dish would have to be placed on the top of a chimney. Is this a satisfactory way of getting good reception or maybe creating a future problem. Would the chimney get damaged, or would the angle of the dish be changed in event of a high wind? Any other suggestions of where the dish could be placed?


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Why a satellite dish? I have "free TV" and don't have one...or anything else atop my house.
The Satellite dish could act as a sail in high winds and could make your house unsafe.
I think with health and safety regulations these days, you will struggle to find anyone to fit one high up on a chimney.
Remove one of the offending trees.
If there is a gap in the trees it might be possible to have a low dish pointing through the gap.
Someone I know has their dish on a rigid fence post away from the house. They have grown a shrub to hide it.
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Remove one of the offending trees?? I would have chopped down the whole row of them long ago but since the trees are on the street in front of my house i guess the local council would have a thing to say about it!
There's very little available on Freesat (or by accessing the Free-to-Air channels one can get using a generic satellite box) that's not available on Freeview so, if you've already got Freeview, you might be wasting your time.

Here's a full list of all of the free channels carried on the Astra satellites that transmit both Sky and Freesat:

If you still want to go ahead though, a decent aerial installer will be able to assess the situation and advise as the whether it's best to mount a dish on your chimney or atop a wall-mounted pole:

Note that I referred to a decent aerial installer in my previous paragraph. They're very much in a minority, with cowboy firms getting most of the business. Don't even consider any firm that doesn't hold CAI membership. (Use the search facility here: )

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