Bt Openreach Upgrade From Copper To Fibre Cable

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sddsddean | 21:00 Fri 13th May 2022 | Technology
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Just wondered if anyone had had this done recently. Apparently, we can now get fibre broadband in our village. Phoned BT to ask if any cabling had to be changed, how much mess, do they need to dig up the drive etc. He hadn't a clue and just said "its no problem". Eventually got put through to technical...she also wasn't really sure. I've looked at a couple of youtube videos from a few years ago and it appears they use a line threader to put the new cable in through the ducting(which is how I would do it), but would like to know if anyone had experience of this method 'going wrong' or whatever. Thanks for any comments.


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Openreach are currently working in our street. They are digging holes to run fibre from cabinet to pole. When this is done they will run fibre overhead using ADSS cable and designated wire clamps and guides. It will be more resiliant than the copper wire and resist storm damage. The overhead fibre cables will replace the copper internet and phone line cable and will require a new wall fixing in the house and possibly another hole drilled through from the ouside. The old access hole will be filled to make it weatherproof. W will then be able to upgrade from out current 58mbs speeds to in excess of 350mbs. There will be a new modem and phone system provided. We are currently with BT. I do not know what happens to neighbours who are with other providers.
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Thanks. Ours will be underground....just wanted to know if they can just pull the wires through the ducting from our house to the BT box about 30 yds away, what with going round two or three corners.
They are aiming to do just that here. The new fibre cables will be underground, from the cabinet to the telegraph pole. They have been inspecting the junction boxes(underground) to the 3 poles involved and checking that the existing cable in free and easily drawn. the fibre will go up the poles behind the armoured cover that is already there(to stop the nutters cutting it) and I think new fibre optic junction boxes will be fitted atop the poles with feeds to every individual house just like the old copper to home is done.
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Thanks for the info. We're going to try and phone the engineers at Openreach next week to see if we can find out how they plan to do it.

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Bt Openreach Upgrade From Copper To Fibre Cable

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