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barry1010 | 08:12 Fri 06th May 2022 | Technology
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Do you use this? My free space is full and I am thinking of paying for more as it really is so very convenient.
Before I sign my life away, I would appreciate your opinions. Do you think it is value for money; is there a better option?

I have always used NAS to back up my devices but as mine is no longer fit for purpose I either need more cloud storage or a replacement NAS.


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first review what you are saving there. Eg don't save all the system files etc just save your personal stuff as you would if you were doing your own backup.
I use it but only a couple of years in and don’t have much data to store. All my photos are in iCloud so only a few word docs in the one Drive.

However I am happy with it as a I can access it anywhere and would probably increase the capacity if I were in your shoes.

Is it expensive?
the default is 1 TB, I use 1 gig! What are you storing that exceeds 1 TB!
I do, as it is on my phone, but it's free?
I pay £55pa for office 365 /onedrive etc.
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OneDrive free storage is limited to 5GB, which is not a lot.
£1.99 a month for 100GB; £60 a year for 1TB
//// the default is 1 TB ////

The free allowance is only 5 GB.
If you want more, you have to pay.
ah apologies, I got a special offer, is does say I have 1 TB but I suspect that may go down and the annual rent will go up! I can't see me ever needing more than 5gb though.
I have M365 Family for £80.00 (We have LastPass family too) and covers six of us, 1TB each on OneDrive and all the proper Word, xl etc for all our devices.

Mine, with all the family photos on it is 108MB.
It depends what you are storing. There are other free options such as Google and Box so you could use several together. For instance I use Onedrive for documents and Amazon for photos as I get that free with my Prime account.
If you'd rather all in one place or do need a lot more then Onedrive is really good option even paid for
Some info on others here:
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Thanks all, at least I can be (fairly) confident that Microsoft isn't going to go bust.
Lots to think about.
Oh I think I had 1TB when I bought Office and renewed at an offer price. But I'm only using 2.5gb so I'll see what the options are at renewal time. I think £50-£60 a year is pretty reasonable.

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