Dark Colours on the Computer

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zipadeedodah | 10:44 Sun 18th Dec 2005 | Technology
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Any pictures on my computer come up really dark - for example if I put photos from my digital camera to the computer, I have to spend ages changing all the brightness/contrast settings (the photos are fine on the camera and if I put them onto other computers..). I've tried playing around with the settings on the computer, but I can't get them to be a more normal colour. Any ideas of what I could do?


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Also..if I open my photos using a proper programme (PhotoImpression in my case), the pictures come out lighter - but looking at them in straight in the folder in My Pictures, or more closely in Windows Picture Viewer, they're really dark.

If you go into Gamma Correction through Display Properties, what should typical settings be? such as the tint?

(this is assuming you'll be wanting to print these pictures)

what you should do is first get a decent program if you want to be editing your pictures and things (and actually care quite a bit about contrast/brightness etc.). I use photoshop, but photoshop elements or several other packages will probably suit your needs just as well.

run your gamma profiler, and create a new profile (i dont know how to use what you mention, i use adobe gamma. but it should have some way of editing or making a new profile to use). just follow the instructions that it gives. if you have an LCD monitor, make sure that it's at its optimum tilt adjustment, so that its normal points straight to you. if using a larger CRT screen, you'll be fine. the gamma profiler may tell you to increase your contrast up to full or something. try this if you like, but i found with my LCD that it isnt the best setting.

basically just follow the settings through, doing what it tells you in the wizard. once done, fire up your image program, and edit the picture's contract, brightness, and anything else you want. print out a small but good quality picture, and then compare it to the image you have open on screen. it may be exactly the same, if so great! if not, just go back into your gamma profiler and make some very fine alterations until you get the image on screen pretty much the same as the printed image.

this will assure your prints come out how you make them look on screen.

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Dark Colours on the Computer

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