Walking Directions Needed On Phone

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tamaris | 16:12 Wed 27th Apr 2022 | Technology
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I have a Samsung Galaxy a12 phone, I want to put on some sort of app to plan routes on foot. We're going to London for a break soon and it would be handy to get around.


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You'll find a paper map far more useful, I'm sure. For example, when looking at a paper map, it's easy to see that a place that you've always wanted to visit (but forgotten to include in your itinerary for the day) is only just around the corner from where you are, allowing you to take a detour to go there. That's not so easy when using an app. Given that a decent street map of central London only costs a couple of quid (and is sold from countless kiosks and tourist shops around the city, as well as on Amazon), it would seem daft not to buy one: User Recommendation

However, if you insist on using an app, simply enabling Detailed Voice Guidance on Google Maps should be all that you really need:
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Hi Chris, many thanks, I have my niece over from Oz in July and thought that'd be a good idea. I will go with your expert advice.
Google maps is my recommendation too.

One advantage of using your phone over a paper map is that you are less obviously a tourist.

However I always carry a small lightweight one in London and have a good look at it at the beginning of the day and refresh when we stop for a coffee.
The very fact that you'll be walking along talking to one another will give the game away that you're tourists:-J
Had a ''city break'' in London about 13-14 yrs ago for a week with
the 'then' missus and kids.
Got around perfectly fine with a paper map.
Google has a walking option on its street maps.
Dont know how we navigated London without it....
You cannot possibly get lost in London, espesially with todays technology.
We did a lot of 'Tube travelling' though.
You're never more than a street away from a tube station....
Tamaris,W.H.Smith sell little pop up maps of london in book form,
it has maps,sightseeing,shopping,best places to eat,easily fits in your pocket,great value it's what i would take when visiting london.
enjoy your trip.
There is a city break app which you can use for just this. It also tracks you as well as giving a few walks directions.
There is a city break app which you can use for just this. It also tracks you as well as giving a few walks directions.
Look in your apps store for " London Walks guide" by City Walks. We used it in Lisbon and Istanbul. They are great!

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Walking Directions Needed On Phone

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