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Ringlet | 15:19 Mon 18th Apr 2022 | Technology
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A few days ago there was a general internet outage in my area. Shops, businesses and homes lost internet connection for a few hours.

It happened suddenly, at a time when my PC was engaged in an update.

Connection was restored after a few hours, but since then my PC will only partially load the internet sites I use, and on some of the sites I can't interact.

I've contacted my Broadband provider (TalkTalk) who say there are no connection issues.

I've also turned off router and hard drive, and turned them on again, in the hope of "resetting" the computer (not sure what that means, but I was advised to do it, so I did).

And I've run a full McAfee virus can, which found no viruses.

Can anyone suggest what might be the problem, and if there is anything I can try to fix it, or do I need to call in a technician?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


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Can't you do a system restore to an earlier date?
What browsers have you tried?
That sound like a browser problem to me.

Start by trying a different web browser. If you're using a Windows 10 computer, you'll have Edge available to (directly from the Start menu) together with Internet Explorer (which is under 'Windows Accessories'), as well as whatever you usually use (such as Chrome or Firefox).

If all is well when using a second browser, the problem obviously relates to the first one. In that case, return to your original browser and reset it to its 'fresh out of the box' state. (It's dead easy to do but we'll need to know which web browser you use in order to provide specific instructions for it).
I assume, since they are regularly visited sites you are trying to connect to, that you have them bookmarked. Try putting in the URL manually or, even, Googling for the site. I had a problem many years ago where a camera shop I visited regularly flatly refused to open; a friend suggested I try a manual address and it worked. If it does I suggest you delete and re-save the bookmark.
Question Author
Thank you everyone for these suggestions.
I'll start off by trying a different browser. I'm on Chrome but also have connection to IE and Firefox.
But I'll begin by trying Edge.
I'm a bit scared of system restore as I wonder if it is a simple (idiot-proof) process.
Thanks for the feedback.

If you find that you need to reset Chrome to its "fresh out of the box" state, follow these simple instructions:,news-18821.html
Question Author
Thanks Buenchico, I tried Edge and the problem is still the same.
Putting in the URl manually takes me to the site, but it still only partially loads.

I'm going to try your instructions for resetting Chrome.
Thank you again
Question Author
Wow!! Magic.
I followed the instructions in Buenchico's link and after doing the whole Google log-in bit, all seems to be back to normal.

Your help very much appreciated. Thank you.
Thanks again for the feedback.

It's always good to know that someone's computer hasn't exploded due to following my suggestions ;-)
Question Author
Ha Ha I'm sure that has never happened.
Yes, today the computer is running much better, although still not quite 100%

I think I'll have to send it up to PC world for a complete overhaul.
But it is usable in the meantime. thank you again for your help
"I think I'll have to send it up to PC world

I should think very hard before you do that.
I made the mistake of doing that once and they reverted my system back to Windows 8
You would be much better going to a small computer shop or local speclialist
Question Author
Thanks Ichkeria, I've been told exactly the same thing just this morning by a couple of local people here. So I think I'll give PC wold/currys a miss.
There are two Polish brothers in our town who run a computer sales and service business and they are reputed to be very efficient reliable. I think I'll try them.
thanks again
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Pc Not Loading Websites

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