Tablet Not Connecting Games To Facebook

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eariyam | 17:28 Sun 17th Apr 2022 | Technology
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I have an Alba tablet that I have loaded some games apps on. I have tried to share on Facebook but nothing happens only a message asking me to please wait and a circle going round and round forever. I have never had a problem connecting with other devices. Can anyone please advise


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What exactly are you trying to do?
Firstly, are you logged in to FB?
Have you downloaded the games from the Play Store?

Is your tablet capable of playing the games?
What games are you trying to play?

Try a speed wifi speed test on tablet to check that it is fast enough. What download speed do you get?
He must be sorted Barry
I hope so
Question Author
I am trying to connect Angry Birds, Monster Busters and Jam City. I have two other tablets and a lap top that gave connected with no problem but this Alba just won't
How much RAM has it got and is there plenty of space on the drive?
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I can play the games on it but of course they are all starting from the beginning and I want to synchronise them. The RAM is 2GB
Oh! I got the wrong end of the stick, sorry.
Uninstall the games, reboot the tablet.
Make sure you are logged in to the correct Facebook account.
Download the games and click 'connect' when given the option.
That should do it
Question Author
No.That hasn't worked. It's so frustrating. Probably something or nothing but I just can't see it
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What does it mean when "identity resolution error "flashes up ?
You can try removing the game from Facebook after uninstalling it. Reboot then reinstall it by searching for the game in FB and clicking Play.

Facebook > Settings > Apps >name of game>remove

These things should be simple
Question Author
I have closed my Facebook account and re installed it and that seems to have done the trick. Thank you so much for trying to help. It's very much appreciated

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Tablet Not Connecting Games To Facebook

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